What is Convergence?

Believing that the Christian Church has utilized various types of worship through the ages to express her love for God, we seek to draw from the precious truths that have been discovered and experienced in each of these traditions. We believe that throughout the ages God’s Church has been divided into these three “streams”: The Evangelical, The Liturgical and The Charismatic. Each of these traditions bring wonderful and rich truths to the church regarding its worship of God. A “Convergence Church” brings elements of the three traditions together, utilizing all of the tools that our Lord has given to His church. At LifeSpring, we seek to discover and to incorporate the best from each of these Christian traditions:

We are evangelical in affirming the authority of the Holy Scripture and in our emphasis on relevant preaching and teaching the Bible. We believe that basic to our Christian faith is that God offers to us a personal and intimate relationship through the work, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our statements of faith are expressed in the Nicene and Apostles Creeds as well as in the Anglican “Thirty-nine Articles” of faith.

We are sacramental in our worship because we believe that God has entrusted the sacraments to the church as tools used by God to minister His truth and grace to the world and to “act out” the work of Christ. We believe that the ancient traditions and liturgies of our faith are rich in meaning and have a wonderful and deep impact on our lives and help to further our understanding of the mysteries of Christ.

We are charismatic in our dependence upon the Holy Spirit to fill and empower His church. We believe that God, through His Spirit, desires us to have a dynamic, vital and life-filled relationship with Him. From the days of the apostles to today, Christians have been entrusted with supernatural gifts given by God to further their spiritual journeys. In our worship services, as well as in our every-day lives, we encourage the seeking of the Holy Spirit’s guidance and empowerment.

We believe that God has called us to bring a convergence of the three streams together at LifeSpring. We hope that, whatever your faith background, you will find your worship experience with us to be inspiring, uplifting and encouraging.

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