Happy November Birthday!

4 – Matt T
6 – Shannon H
10 – Melissa P
15 – Alvin O
19 – Neil A
19 – Jillian R
30 – Jake W


Our very own Bishop Bruce along with wife Elaine were recently interviewed by Walter Allen of TV News #13 host of Extraordinary Ordinaries. 
Since retiring, Bishop Bruce decided that he had too much time on his hands. So what else, “let’s make pottery!” What started as a hobby for both he and Elaine, quickly became something they both enjoyed doing together. Bishop then noticed that it helped with his Parkinson’s.  
This hobby has now morphed into a small but thriving business called Pottery With Parkinson’s.  A portion of all sales is donated to the Michael J Fox Foundation. 
Channel #13 will air the Wrights segment on Thursday 10 October.  If you are unable to watch, please tape it.  As our Bishop says, he is no stranger to the TV screen, “it loves me!”